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The "Brighton Rock" - Guided Walking Tour

Planning a visit to Brighton? Fan of Graham Greene? Love the movie "Brighton Rock"? This is the guided walk for you!!

Step back in time to 1930's Brighton; Graham Greene's thriller, 'Brighton Rock' is brought to life on this fact-filled walk visiting locations featured in the Boulting brothers' classic film.

Brighton Rock Film Poster

The "Brighton Rock" walking tour is particularly popular with schools and colleges who are learning the novel for exam purposes.

The tour brings "Brighton Rock" to life and enables students to get beneath the characters and locations.
Using still images from the 1948 film adds further to enhance the experience this tour provides.

Guided Walking Tours available all year at times and dates to suit you.
Singles, couples, groups of all sizes, Language schools, Colleges and University groups all welcome.

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"Brighton Pier at Sunset" by Mike Carroll
"Brighton Pavilion" by Steve Slater